Friday, January 16, 2009

Update from Dad and Mom

Dear friends and family,

Papa Bear is going to survive this, but I don’t know if I can survive blogging. I have already been at this note for 30 minutes.
WOW! My dear dear friends and family. All of you have really picked up my spirits. Not only in your loving and encouraging words but just in hearing from you. All of you have been such a big part of my life. But I have to stop for a moment and tell you what is on my mind most of the time latetly. I just can’t stop thinking out loud in my mind...

“IIIIIIIII love a Parade.”

I really do. Life is just like a Parade. This blog Richie, is one of the best floats passing by. Thank You for doing this for the old fart. I was not sure I wanted to let people in on the cancer thing, but I know that the best medicine is prayer and the loving heart. WOW you guys! Thank you for being there for me. You have healed me and there is light at the end. I am in Gods hands. And the fat lady isn’t singing for a long time.
God bless you, everyone.

Note from mom:

Dad is so cute. Everyone looks so depressed and serious in the waiting room except dad. He is always working on a puzzle.
Today he was even talking to someone from Samuel French about a script for his next show. After the phone call, he sat at a big table in the middle of the huge waiting room working on his puzzle, eating peanuts, and drinking water. He looked so cute! He really is having a parade and doesn't want to waste a minute of it. He has met some interesting people already. Maybe someone who is about to give up is suppose to meet dad during this journey so that his attitude can rub off on them. Today when they called him in so that they could tattoo the markings on his leg, where he is going to get the radiation... I waited in the waiting room forever. As I looked at the empty puzzle table, it made me so sad that he wasn't there. The whole room looked so empty without my big strong man. He will get through this. Thank you so much for your comments. You have no idea how much your comments have cheered him up. I truly think that is the medicine that will keep him going. He loves hearing from all of you.


Richie said...

Are you running out of puzzles there? Maybe we need to donate some new ones to the Huntsman Center. We love you guys!

Kris Bushman said...

I love this picture and I'm glad you have something you like to do while waiting. It seems like there is always waiting, and waiting, and more waiting. Sounds like you are doing Great! I think this blog is a great idea. It keeps everyone up on what is happening and You don't have to tell everyone individually. Keep your chin up. Love you. Kris

Janiece said...

Mr. Call "Rocks"!!!
I totally agree with Sayda, it is amazing how one person being cheerful can change the whole enviroment.
Spending time in the hospital is never fun. I always take a BRIGHT, FUN pair of new pj's.
When I am walking the halls with all the heart wires all over...nobody notices them but only the cheerful pj's.
It usually gives me an opportunity to visit with someone else there that...well has it a lot worse than I do.
Mr. Call,
I believe in Miracles. I believe the heavens are open, that our Father in heaven hears humble prayers. Sometimes we have to take a little bitter with the sweet, but He hears.
I know two missionaries praying for you and many others.
We love you!

Janiece said...

I think the idea of sending puzzles to Huntsman is an AWESOME idea.
I wonder how many we could have setting in the waiting rooms, in the short time Mr. Call will be there?
5 weeks, 35 days...
What waiting room is he usually hanging out in?
I bet I could put a link button together that would have the address of the hospital that we can all put on our blogs.
Tell me what you think??
I bet we could easily add about 100 puzzles to the hosptal collection.

Kendel and Lisa Asher said...

Be tough and keep going! Don,t run out of puzzles! Sayda i hope you hav something you are doing. Love ya!

Ashley Pool said...

Hey call and family ,
I have no idea if any students has came and checked out the website i was just sitting on the couch just thinking and for some reason Call popped into my head, I remembered about 3 days ago call came to see our class. It was great to be in the hallway and all of a sudden see call, he came up to me and hugged me telling me he missed me and that he missed his class. I almost cried knowing that i was so happy for call to be able to keep his leg and to be alive. I know its scary and really sad but i know call you are strong and can make it through anything. I know all you guys can . Just remember you guys are in my Prayers ,mostly you call. Get better as soon as you can, miles is doing a great job. hopefully by the time you get back you have notes to give. lol anyway goodbye call and family. GET BETTER... I MISS MY FAVORITE TEACHER !!! Bye ;) - ASHLEY POOL

~Diddy~ said...

Mr Call Is a huge inspiration to me and I love him dearly, i graduated almost two years ago. And I enjoyed being in his class more than any of the others, it wasn't all just about acting, but a lot about out here in the real world, he gave me courage to succeed in everything I do. And I think of him often! I would love to talk to him, he was always so fun to talk to. I hope it will be okay if i visit sometime. I don't know if anyone knew how much I enjoyed being around him, he could always cheer me up and make me feel welcomed. i will keep your whole family in my prayers always!

Kiesha said...

Hi Mr. Call-
It's been a long time! I heard through Chrissy about your illness. I hope you stay strong. It sounds like your family and friends are taking very good care of you. I still have very fond memories of EHS and our plays. Something's Afoot was my first choreographic experience. I went on to study choreography in my MFA. Now I'm a lawyer though. My how time flies. I hope you continue improve. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Kiesha Minyard