Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is a picture of Richard Burleigh Call the 1st with a buzzed head. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with the cancer. This picture was taken while he was working at Edinburg High School in Texas. The administration had just passed a new rule that no student was allowed to have a buzz cut or shaved head. Well, my dad thought that was dumb, and he decided to "fight" the system by buzzing his head.

My dad has fought for a lot throughout his life. He's fought to get an education and educate others. He's fought for strong programs in every school he's taught at. He's fought to provide for a wife and five kids. He's fought diabetes, epilepsy, and a heart attack. And now, he's starting a fight with cancer.

My dad will win this fight as he's won all the others he's been engaged in throughout his life. This is a site where loved ones, friends, family, students (past and present), and anyone who is interested can keep updated on Mr. Call's condition. It's also a site for those same people to leave comments of love and support if you would like to.

An update from mom:
We got the call this morning. It is cancer. The tumor is 12 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. Remember the ER doc said it was a pulled muscle? Well... it wasn't! There really is something growing, very rapidly, in his thigh. We will go to SLC tomorrow to see the radiology oncologist. On Thursday, they will make a mold of his leg, do another MRI, and lab. We will stay there because on Friday he has a bone scan and a pelvic CT, so we will be gone all week. I feel so bad leaving the kids that long but I also want to be with Dick and I can't pull them out of school. I feel awful that Bree has a full time job and then has to come home, fix dinner, and help with homework. I know she doesn't mind, but I almost feel like I'm abusing her. The worst part of the news is that we thought he could get radiation in Twin Falls but they are pretty sure he will have to get it done in SLC. (Monday thru Friday, 2-3 hours/day.) There is no way we could make the drive every day. We did get some good news! The lung CT they did last Thursday came out clear. It hasn't spread to his lungs. I'm am so grateful. They told us that this type of sarcoma spreads to the lungs first.


Richie said...

We love you dad, and you are in our thoughts and prayers continually. We love you too mom, and thanks for being so strong for all of us.

The Loving Home of The Walkers said...

I vote for Team Call!!!! 110% We love you!

Ryan, Erica & Sam said...

We love you so much Richard. I love the story about the buzz cut. It's things like that that make you so special. Yo uare just as fun as fun can be! We love you and will pray for you often. We know you are going to be fine!
Erica, Ryan, Sam, Andy and Nancy

Kris Bushman said...

Thank you for setting this up! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know you can do it. You are stronger than me and I made it. Keep you chin up. Love you Kris.

Denise said...

We love you Uncle Dick! You are constantly in our thoughts and in our prayers.

brentinnes said...

Hello Dick,
Good Luck with this battle, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family with this.

Cheryl said...

I am so sorry to hear of your latest health crisis. I know you will handle this with much wit and grace. With all my many heath issues(woe is me!), I have begun to list the perks of being sick. I will share one with you: I have an automatic excuse to get out of anything I don't want to do. Here's wishing everyone will be nice to you since you're sick. My prayers are with you and your family. Take care, Cheryl Berg

The Jones' said...

We love you Dad. You're the strongest man I know! This will all be over before we know it. And you'll be making jokes about "that one time..." We love you!

Bree and Travis

Anonymous said...

Hi Dick and Sayda,

You and your family are in my prayers, I have a feeling you are going to recover quickly. Your both incredible people and have raised a strong family. They will be looking after you as best they can. If there's anything I can do to help please let me know.

It was fun seeing you last year after so long. I've been remembering of some times we shared as poor struggling student families. We had fun times hanging out watching movies while eating great nachos, camping in the canyon in the Ryan's camper, or watching one of plays Dick was in. These memories are close to my heart. You were both treasured and beloved friends.


Joyce Ryan

Yvonne said...

My most remembered thoughts of Dick have been as a young missionary. How after he and Sayda were married, my Mom leaned on him to guide Paul from mischiefs. I've never said "Thanks" you have been a strong influence on Paul and some how it has helped Paul become who he is today.

Love you! I will continue you to pray for a speedy recovery, and after this you'll need a little vaction to a nice beach to sip on a some virgin pinacoladas! Do some fishing!

Marcie Bowers Miller said...

"Professor" Call-

You and your sweet family are in my prayers. I know you will have a speedy recovery. Salt Lake City is the best place. They will take great care of you. Keep your spirits high! Let me know if you need anything. I am not that far away to help you and Sayda.


Marcie Bowers Miller

Korbi said...

thinking of you all

gizcallyomom said...

You better have a big bear hug waiting for me when I see you this weekend! Herman better be packing up his precious belongings (ie. nasty cancer cells) because in a few weeks he is history!

Nan said...

We are praying for you in Blanding. Hope all goes well with your treatments. This is Chrislynn's sister, Nan.

Eileen F said...

I'm logged on and praying for you, Dick. This was a brilliant way to keep your fan club informed of your progress. I still may be phoning in periodically to hear Sayda and your laugh. Love, Eileen

Janiece said...

You know we are cheering and praying for you!

from Derek's email:
so that is good about mr. call i have been praying for him and i think that everything will be ok ... i'm hopeing. i dont like the ER Docs.. they should be punched in the face... haha but wow that is big!!! i'm sure that he will be ok

from Kira:
I am sad to hear about Mr Call. Everything will be okay though. Please tell them that I say hello and that I am thinking about him.

Sayda Call said...

Thanks for doing this Richie. This means so much to your dad. He loves reading the comments and when I catch him doing it... he has a big smile on his face. I'll try and get him to post on it. Dad is so strong and if anyone can do this, it's him. We sure are following everyone's comments. I think that will be his best medicine.

Haley said...

Mr. Call and family -
If there is any family that will be able to overcome all of this with style, it will be you. Mr. Call - you have had such a strong impact on my life and the lives of so many others (literally) across the world. I am all of the way in Jerusalem and have already received 3 emails for prayers for you and your family. If nothing else, this ridiculous cancer will surely be WILLED away by the sheer number of people who love you and will be praying for you. I will certainly be praying as hard as I can.

All of my love and prayers from Jerusalem,
Haley Fletcher

Rachael Montoya said...

Papa Bear! wow, your family is sooo close to my heart! I would count you and Sayda as my second parents :) I am praying for your fast recovery with all of my heart. I'm glad you are so strong and stubborn! You will get through this no problem. God is so wonderful, I know that he loves your wonderful family extra. You are so awesome, Sayda! Help Dick kick this cancer's butt :) If I can help with anything, let me know!
Mr. Call you have changed my life and made such an impact on who I am, I would not be the person I am without you. Be that good or bad...that's your call! I miss you so much. Give your family a hug for me, I love you!
Rachael <><

Ben said...

Hey Mr. Call,

You and I have never met, but I have a certain kind of connection to you through your son, Richie. I'm in his class at Rutgers, and he's very close to my heart. I know that one of the things that makes him so "Richie" is his family, and he attributes much of who he is to you. So while I don't know you that well personally, I want you to know that you are in the hearts and prayers of all of us here at Rutgers, and we are entirely at your disposal. I wish you all the love in the world, and I will keep you and those around you in my constant prayers.

-Ben Jeffrey

Wagstaff's Whereabouts said...

Hey you two!

Just wanted to say we love you! You are our family and we include you in our prayers daily. See you next week?

Frank-Joseph said...

Thinking of you, Papa Bear!

Don't know if you heard, but I moved to New York to be a starving artist. I'll have a can of tuna and bowl of rice in your honor. Maybe even a packet of ketchup. xo

Anonymous said...

Do you guys need a place to stay in SLC??? I know that above Handy's warehouse by the airport they have a small apartment. I don't believe it is being used (i might be wrong) but if you need a private place to stay while your down there I'm sure they would be all for it. You will be in our prayers Mr. Call.

Mike & Hill Ramsey

Dugan said...

Mr. Call and Family
I still remember when i met you all for the first time and how Richard actually got me excited to do theatre again. I have so many amazing memories of time with you guys in Burley, and i know how Strong you are Mr. Call. Hell if you can teach High School Theatre then you can conguer anything. You are in my prayers and thoughts, all of you. Let us know if there is anything that we can do. Love you guys.

Lacey said...

You are such a strong man. My family wishes the best and hopes for a fast, strong and healthy recovery. You have brought so much happiness in my life. Thank you for being such a wonderful man. Just think!!! You real didn't have that much more hair to lose. Always laugh a little. It helps it heal faster.

With love,

Lacey (Garrett) Story

slainangel said...
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slainangel said...

Hey MC,
You are in my prayers! Sadie if you need any help with anything, a babysitter or meals, I am a stay @ home mom and I am right in town don't be afraid to call me!
MC you are strong and my family is rooting for you!
Jennifer (Garrett) Bingham(slainangel@yahoo.com)

katiedid said...

Hi Mr. Call!!!

My name is Katie and I am a classmate of Richie's at Rutgers. I wanted to let you know what a beautiful and amazing family you have and how proud you should be to have raised such wonderful people (I've also met your daughter) Richie and his family have been great loves of mine for the past 2 1/2 years and they love you more than anything. I wish you a quick and peaceful recovery. We are all certain that you will get through this as you have everything else! Lots of prayers and well wishes to you and your wife and family from Jersey.

Deann Taylor said...

Call family,
I am so sorry to hear about what you are all going through. You are such a fantastic, strong family. You have so many people that love you. If you ever need anything at all, feel free to let me know. I live here in Salt Lake and have a place for you to stay if you need it.

Sasha said...

Thinking about you every day!


stephenhagen said...

Wow - - You never know what life's going to bring! Thanks to Richie for letting us know. Richard, please know that you and your family are in our hearts and prayers. You are a fighter and I'm guessing this won't slow you up very much! Hope you bring the rubber chicken with you to the MRI - - what would those physicians do with something like that?!? All my love, Stephanie

Kim (The Amazing) said...

We all love you so much Mr. Call. You're in my thoughts and prayers. If you can put up with crazy people like us, you can certainly beat this. May God bless you and your family.

Brian Muir said...

You are in our prayers Mr. Call (I have trouble addressing my former teachers by their first name). It sounds like you have good doctors and I I know you have a wonderful family to support you.
Take Care,
Brian Muir

Over the moon said...

My family and I are praying for your health, happiness, and the strength to get through this trial in your lives. You have such a loving and strong family! What a great son to set this blog up for you! Please keep us posted!
Seth and Carrol (ward) Robins

Mrs. B. Roth said...

I don't know if you remember me, I married Greg Roth and the day I judged speech and debate for you (Burley) in March of '00, a police officer came to tell me my dad had passed away. You gave me a hug and didn't make me feel guilty at all for leaving you 2 judges down for the competition.

We're in Layton right now, Greg works as a video game programmer in SLC. We'd love to visit you or have you all over (how's lasagna sound? Lots of garlic is good for you).

Anonymous said...

That picture that Rich posted of you and my aunt sayda so young triggered a thought that i think you'll like to hear :) Just the other day my mom and i passed by McHi & she kinda drifted in thought, so I asked her what she was thinking.. she said that she was remembering when her and aunt sayda were walking outside of the school (and pointed to the exact spot) and aunt sayda was asking her in a giddy girlish way what she thought about you and how she thought you were THE ONE for her.. i smiled and just thought it was a moment to take in.

Well, after 5 children, a daughter-in-law, son-in-law and 2 fabulous grandkiddos I think y'all have definitely proven that my aunt sayda was right! :) You have such a beautiful family uncle dick & aunt sayda, and my memories of growing up in your home when i was a little girl are nothing but magical..they'll stay with me til I'm like 80 yrs old in my rocking chair :D It is a shame that we are not closer in a time such as this, but do know that no one in this house goes to bed at night w/o praying for you & your family. Walk by faith & not by sight. We love you!

Anonymous said...

oops.. i posted as anonymous and forgot to put my name! *Mitch*

Jackster said...

JULIE!!! I'll be calling you and Mama Call this weekend. Love, Jackie

Janiece said...

Holy Smokes!
Look at all the love...
I have been looking for the video I taped of you "talking" to the actors for the first , shoot now I can't think of the name...hum...maybe "nightengale" any way...I figured if you played it next to your butt it would sink down to the cancer and scare the holy living...yea scare it into submission.
I know I was just a parent watching and I still think there is a stain in one of the seats in the King Fine Art Center!
No really...
I am serious!!
Thinking of you!

Vicki Fowler said...

What the hey, Richard!! I can't believe you are tackling still another physical challenge!! I'm sending you sunshine, blue skies, sandy beaches and lots of love from San Francisco. I'm sure you are up to this because you already have so much practice!!

May God wrap his love around you and your family and keep you all safe during this journey....it's great to know I have access to up-to-the-minute information and thanks Richie!

Shane said...

Richard my Friend,
Sorry to hear of the news. I think we cowboys in Wyoming might be able to find another cure fer dat. Who needs radiation when you can poor whiskey on it and sit out in the -40 degree weather and let the wind burn it out.
We miss you and your family. I still brag you up to everyone here when they talk about mediocre (great in their minds) drama programs and vow that if you ever want to make Mulla ($'s) I'll find you spot here with Ryan and I.
Best wishes and keep those sugars in check in the meantime!
Shane and Amber Ogden

Emily Silva said...

Mr. Call!! I hope you are doing wonderful and please don't moon the nurses too much! Hee hee
We all miss you at school...come back soon! -Emily :)

Nick said...

I just wanted to send you a belated Happy Birthday (since we do share the day...). Thank you for everything that you taught, instilled and inspired in me. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Candace and I are living in SLC now, so if you need a place or even just would like to visit give me a call! Talk with you again soon!

Nick Hutchinson

Jon said...

Mr. Call-
I am also one of Richie's classmates at Mason Gross. Although we have never met, I have heard many stories about your warmth and kindess, the deep love you have for your family, and your wonderful skills as an amazing drama teacher. I have told my family about your current situation and you remain in all of our prayers. Keep fighting!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Call -

Although we've never met in-person - - I feel like I know a lot about you through your daughter, Giselle.

I live in Washington, DC - - where I met Giselle. There is no doubt that her never-ending kindness, positive attitude, and caring soul is a direct result of her family values. The "Call" values that you helped to mold continue to influence people all over the globe through the roots that you've planted.

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers during this time of overcoming illness - - and I look forward to meeting you in-person in the future.

All the best,

Michael Venet

Jamie said...

Dear Call Family~

I am very sorry to hear about your trying time. Mr. Call has always been an exceptional teacher who has inspired me to do my very best and it hit me hard to think that a mentor I felt was infallible has this new trial to face. All of my good thoughts and wishes go out to you and your family. We all love you very much!!

Jamie Bunn

Felicia said...

The entire Call family is in my heart and thoughts at this time. I'm looking forward to reading the news of Herman's demise. Best wishes for you all.


Chris said...

Hi Mr. Call,
My name is Chris and I am a friend of Richie's. We've never met but I wanted you to know just how much your son loves you and how much everyone here in New Jersey is pulling for you. You're entire family is in our thoughts and prayers and if you are anything like the son you've raised we all know what a wonderful person you are. If there is anything we can do please let us know.

Take care,
-Chris Rinaldi

Lashes said...

Mr CALL!! Were you ever that young?? :) It's Cheyanne!! I can't believe something else dare challenge you! I miss you and your family so much! I was so excited thinking that I may be close to Giselle in DC for a bit but unfortunately the economy sux. Maybe this summer will be different. It's amazing how you have impacted all our lives, it's fun to see all these comments by people I once knew and see how they still love u!! Miss you and love u! Cheyanne Thatcher

Matthew Desind said...

I really dont know what to say, Thank you, for everything. you have helped me a lot, more then you will ever know, you have shown me to never give up. to always do what i love, and family is the only thing and one has, i am glad that i was able to meet you, that i was able to know you, and i know that you are to Damn stuberen to let something like this slow you donw, i know that nothing will stop you. Nothing. cant wait to see you agin, and to talk to you. And i cant wait to go Fishing On the Ice.