Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Huntsman and More Tests

Posted by Mom:

Aubrey has been having a really hard time with us leaving her. On Thursday the ski class was going skiing. She was too, but changed her mind with us not being there. We thought we could bring her with us on Thursday and Friday before Dick starts his treatments next week. We think that if she knows where her father is going to get the radiation treatments, it might help her adjust better. She also was invited to the academic breakfast on Wednesday, so we thought she deserved a little break. It has been fun hanging with her during those long waits.

We left early in the morning on Thursday. It was a long day of tests and waiting. Today they marked the tattoos on his leg of where he is getting the radiation. He will start Thursday of next week. Finally at about 5:30, we headed to Kaysville. That is where our dear friends who are letting us stay in their house live. They are so wonderful and it has saved us so much money this week. He works for the church and Edye sings in the Tabernacle choir. His name is Reed and her name is Edye. They have a son, Vosco and a daughter, Ruby. Aubrey has had a blast with Ruby! I'm so happy to hear her giggling, she is usually so serious and I never know what is going through her little head. We got to their house, and the kids and Dick played Wii. Edye and Reed fixed us a delicious meal. Their hospitality is amazing.

Friday was another day of more and more tests. He had a long, long bone scan and the pelvic CT. Poor Dick had a horrible headache after he was all done. We are here at Edye's again. Tomorrow we should get the results for the pelvic CT. That will tell us if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes.

Tomorrow we get our Giselle!  She is coming for a week or two to help out and to be with her dad.

Dad always feeds the birds and the ducks. No matter where he is, he always finds them.

After we left, tons of birds came and were eating the bread crumbs. I think the birds follow dad.

At it again.

He is always so cute working on puzzles and staying busy.

On the phone with someone from Samuel French ordering a script for his next show.

I join him once in a while, but not too long.

The room looks so lonely without dad working on a puzzle.


.... and waiting

My big, brown, eyed girl.  Still waiting.

Isn't she a cute, chubby dog?


You could barely see the mountains. The smog was so thick.

We saw Mandy and her family. She went to school with Giselle and was a drama student too. Her dad has cancer too. They just found out last week too.

Edye singing "Homeward Bound." I was in the other room and I thought it was a CD playing. Aubrey came and told me "It's not a CD, it's Edye playing the piano and singing."

I've been waking up with panic attacks at night since all of this started with Dick and his health. After listening to this I think I'll sleep pretty soundly tonight.


Richie said...

Thank you Edye and Reed! I'm glad Siss will be there for a while.

Janiece said...

What wonderful friends!
It sure beats having good company than having to hang out in a hotel.
Praying all went well with the bone scans.
We love you so much!

angelicindy said...

I love puzzles. Mom and I did puzzles over Christmas break... 3 in one week. I couldn't sit right after I went back to work after that :). Thank goodness for good friends! Your pictures were great; Thanks.

Kendel and Lisa Asher said...

it is so good to have friends that can help out in a big way at a time like this. Our thoughts and prayers our with you every day(oh And night if I can't sleep). Love ya!

Mike said...

I really would love to help out with classes and competitions! Me and Hill are back in town and I have a pretty flexible work schedule. If you need a full time sub I could probably work that out as well. Thanks for keeping us updated on the blog and we will be praying for you Papa Bear.

Mike And Hillary Ramsey

Jamie said...

Ah, the ducks! I remember every year of competition we had to stay at the "Duck Motel" in Idaho Falls and Mr. Call always had a loaf of bread. We thought he was crazy for trying to go out to feed them in the snow!
:) Jamie