Saturday, July 25, 2009

5K Community Run

We are very grateful for the class of 1999 for their concern and consideration. They have, on behalf of my husband organized the following.

A 5K Community Run... August 15, 2009 (Saturday)

I received an email from Karisa (Parish) Hillman, (1999 graduate) who is one of the dear friends who is organizing this 5K Run.


This is what I came up with for virtual walkers: (or walkers who won't be able to be here but that want to participate) Register for walk using, Pay an additional $3 for shipping and include mailing address. We'll ship the shirt out as soon as they are printed so they can be involved in the walk too.

Also, could you make mention of the event on your and Mr. Call's blogs, with a link to the registration:

(Mr. Call Fun Run)

For local people, register at Donnelly Sports.

A post from me dated April 30, 2009.

A tribute to you, my love!

I have the greatest husband a wife could ever ask for. I don't know if I can express the admiration I have for such a wonderful man in this short tribute to him.

He is indestructible and so full of strength! He has the funniest sense of humor even when times get tough. He would do anything for anyone of us and never expect anything in return. He has always worked so hard... not so that he can drive a brand new car or wear stylish clothing, but to take care of his family. He has a drive for live that I can only dream of.

Because of his strength and courage, he has been able to withstand the test of time.

On January the 3rd 2009, (his 51st birthday) he had an MRI done because we noticed a mass on his right thigh. On the 5th, our whole world was turned upside down when we received some of the worst news ever. This great husband of mine, who I mentioned is indestructible, was diagnosed with cancer on his right thigh. Myxoid lipo sarcoma is the name of this demon. The demon that shatters so many families into a million pieces. The demon that takes so many lives, even the lives of little children. The demon that causes so much pain and suffering.

He started radiation in January to shrink the tumor before surgery. He had a 7 hour surgery to remove the tumor in April. He went back to Huntsman twice after his surgery because of two bad infections around his incision site. He finally came home and was being treated with IV antibiotics five times a day for weeks and weeks. Even though they did find some positive margins around the sciatic nerve and wanted to do another round of radiation, they think that further radiation would only hurt his leg because of the condition it is in. Instead, they will be watching those positive margins closely.

Throughout the most trying time of his life, he has insisted on working. He has even been directing a play on the side. He is as amazing as ever! Not a single day has gone by where he has ever doubted that all this will be over soon and that he will beat this. Not a single day has gone by where he ever pitied himself. His motto has been, "Let's do it!"

Quite frankly, I have never seen anyone trying to overcome and illness like this with such grace. The year 2009 has been a tough year for all of us, especially him.
Because of Dad, I've learned to stay strong and be positive during difficult times.
He has been our ROCK throughout this ordeal.


The healing process continues. The roughest part is the radiation fatigue and wondering if he will be ready to return to work when school starts. Considering the alternative, we can get through this. They will scan him every three months for two years to make sure that tumors have not spread any where else. The first scan will take place next month, in August.

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