Friday, June 26, 2009


Sorry that I have not kept this blog updated. For all updates, please see:

My mom does a great job of updating regularly (and with pictures). Here's the most recent update:

We heard from the doctor today.
He wants Dick to stop all his
antibiotics on Sunday night.
I'm torn between being happy that he
won't have IV's hooked up to
him all the time and being
scared about what the results
could bring.

To all who have been following Dick's progress...
please keep him in your prayers
that his infection won't flare up.
If it does, he will need another surgery.
We are so ready to put an
end to this, especially my dear husband.

We love and appreciate all of you
who have kept him in your prayers.
We also appreciate all the words of encouragement.
We will keep everyone posted.

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