Monday, April 20, 2009

Update From Mom:

Dad went for his follow up appointment last Wednesday. The Surgeon wasn't able to pull the JP tubes out because they are still draining. We go back in a week and a half.

The oncologist told us that the pathology report showed some positive microscopic margins around the sciatic nerve. She told us it is not part of the tumor but it did show positive so that he will need 8 more treatments of radiation. She is also hoping the radiation to the nerve won't cause any damage to the nerve. Dad wasn't too happy about that. He wants everything to say it's negative! He also only has 10 more days of sick leave and isn't feeling strong enough to do a full day of work. (He wants to and he tries, but he just can't) He is feeling like he has to go back this week full time. We are getting him a wheel chair where he can sit and elevate his leg. That might help him.

During surgery, we all got LIVESTRONG bracelets. We are still wearing them faithfully for Dad and ALL who have cancer. (Notice our bracelets in the picture.)


slainangel said...

Thank the good Lord above!! we love u MC!!

Chyle said...

Still love you so sorry you have to endure more treatment. Your such a great man and these trials just keep pushing you into a higher place! you're wonderful keep strong :)
Chey Thatcher