Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Post From Mom:

"Another week has come and gone. Dick has had a total of 12 treatments. He needs 25, so I guess he is just about halfway there. He has tolerated the radiation so well. His leg is in good condition. No burning from the radiation or blistering. We bathe it good with lotion right after his treatment and at bed time. He keeps on getting very tired and sleepy, but that is all. Yesterday he saw the Radiology Oncologist. For some reason, Dick and I thought that the radiation would shrink the tumor, but she told us that the reason they are doing the treatments is not to shrink it, but to harden up the tumor so that it will not spill cancer cells when they remove it. She told us that the next time they check the size is right before surgery. I guess the pictures they take right now are just to make sure they are shooting the right places.

We took Aubrey with us this week. Last Friday her teacher gave her all her homework for this week. Man... that was a lot of homework! It was so nice having her with us and not missing her. I love my husband so much. He is so strong, so positive, and never complains. The only thing he complains about is not having received the script for his next play from Samuel French, not being able to be in his classroom with his students, not being able to take his students to speech competition or see their material they're competing with, not being able to pull our kids from school so that they can always be with us, not being able to be here on Feb 11th for Anson's birthday, etc. He never complains about his health. He gives me so much strength. He is my love and my hero. Thank you sweetheart for keeping us together at a time like this. I can't wait for all of this to be over so that you can do all the things you love doing."

To see more pictures of the past week visit "The Call Family Blog" by clicking on the link to the right.


Mrs. B. Roth said...

You really must stop by for a visit next time.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you guys,
Brandon Sean Pearson