Friday, April 3, 2009

Update from Mom:

Yesterday we arrived in SLC for his pre-op visit. They did some lab, an EKG, and we visited with anesthesia. After that we headed to the hotel. It's only about a mile from Huntsman. Dad and Anson went to look at some El Camino's. (That's the first car Anson wants when he can drive.) Then they went to get Richie and Sissy at the airport. Aubrey and I stayed behind because there was not enough room in the car for all of us.
It was so good to see our older children. I am so glad they came. We went to get a bite for dinner and then hurried back to the hotel to call Kellan. Kellan and Riche gave dad a blessing. It was so neat to see these two great men give dad a blessing. Kellan served a mission with dad in Texas over 30 years ago. Dad has always thought the world of Kellan. We have so many memories of when they were both at Utah State, after their missions. It was so amazing to see my oldest son give his father a blessing. To know that our son is following the teachings of Jesus and is living in accordance means the world to me. It was a beautiful blessing and it really comforted Dick.
Bree and Travis showed up at the hotel this morning at 6:30. We left the hotel at 7:15 am. Dad had to check in the hospital at 7:30 am. They let all of our children come with us to his pre-op room while they admitted him. The surgeon met all of our children and the kids felt good about the man that would be performing the surgery.

Thursday... Pre-op visit

Aubrey went for a swim while dad and Anson went to get the older kids at the airport.
Dad and Richie hugging after the blessing.
Sister's home!!!
Thanks Kellan. We love you!!!
Friday... This morning at the hospital.
Dad was showing them his leg, but instead accidently exposed himself. What can I say... my girls freaked out. You can see little Aubrey's hand to the far left.
Those hospital gowns!
In dad's room. Waiting to be taken to surgery.
Doesn't he look cute?
There goes my sweetheart. He was actually singing... "I love a parade."
We all gave him some great big hugs before they took him. I could tell he was trying to be so brave. When little Aubrey fell apart, his eyes filled up with tears, so did everyone else's eyes.

They told us his surgery would take 6 - 8 hours long, so that we could leave and come back. They took him at 8:30 am. We have all decided to wait here. There is a big computer lab here, so I thought I'd do some blogging to take my mind of what's going on in surgery. Oh how I miss him and have him in my thoughts as I do this. My heart was ripped out of me as he waved good bye and as I saw all my children there trying to be strong.


Janiece said...

I keep thinking a tape recorder would be AWESOME as he is coming of the drugs...
you can say some pretty "great" things!
When I woke up from one of my operations I was singing the Mickey Mouse Club Song...
yea a tape recorder would be fun with Mr. Call!
We love you are cheering for you and praying that everything went well today!
Love ya

Emily Silva said...

Now it's my turn to let you know of my love and support for you all. My prayers include Mr. Call daily! Mr. Call is always missed.
Love you...Emily